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2 weeks ago
Second day of the eWare consortium meeting in Rotterdam. Good job and a lot of results for the project 🤩 AALeWare photo
2 weeks ago
Today is the first day of eWare meeting in Rotterdam! Let's start AALeWare photo
3 weeks ago
Visit our website to watch the promotion video in the Document section and all the news 😎
1 month ago
The co-design Tessa is out for delivery toward Switzerland, Norway, Italy and The Netherlands✈️🌍
Tessa looks so cool
AALeWare photo
1 month ago
eWare will partecipate to next AAL Forum in Bilbao bringing all the project news!
AALeWare photo
Why attending the #AALForum18? The matchmaking platform brings together suitable potential business partners to talk about their work and strike up real collaborations. #AAL #activeageing @tecnalia @EIPAHA_Campania @EIP_AHA @AgeingFit @agileageing @IndependentAge @HelpAge
2 months ago
Good job Tinybots for this nice presentation of Tessa 🙂
Watch the video and the news in the website